Picture this:  sitting on a hard rink seat, balancing a laptop and papers on my lap, tweeting and trying to squint my eyes in order to see scores on the video board.

In other words, I was pre-occupied with trying to stay on top of what was happening on the ice at the Skate Canada International last weekend in Windsor. At one point, just after the start of the men’s short program event, I was aware of a person slipping into one of the seats behind me. It took me a couple of skaters to finally be able to look around.

STEPHANE LAMBIEL??!!  The two-time world champion and 2006 Olympic silver medallist.

He was in attendance as a support for client and friend Denis Ten of Kazakhstan is what he told me when asked.

I was trying to get up the nerve to ask him if he would be willing to do a short video interview. It took me overnight and into the next day to get the chance. In a now or never moment, I asked him – and gentleman that he is, he said yes:

Here it is: