Hey there! I’m Pj Kwong!


Pj Kwong is well known to figure skating fans everywhere. She has been the in-house PA voice at many national and international events including 5 Winter and 3 Summer Olympic Games.  She was a figure skating coach for over 25+ years and for the last 12 years has been working for CBC Sports as a writer and commentator as well as their social media reporter for figure skating. In her free time, Pj also works on a podcast, blog and her own YouTube Channel under her @skatingpj banner – all of the links of which can be found here. She spontaneously came up with the cheeky term ‘Word Broker” as a general banner to explain her work. ‘I read them.I write them.I speak them.’ became the tag line.

This natural affinity for words as a Word Broker has evolved into the creation of The Content Store where Pj takes on other people’s projects and puts words in their mouths. Check out the Happy Customers page here: https://www.thecontentstore.ca/happy-customers/

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