Well it has been a busy morning for this little blogger.

First there was a note on a fan site talking about Russia being the new host for the ISU Worlds and then not long after Mr Putin was quoted confirming the details in the press.

It has been a very long couple of weeks not the least of which for the Japanese people who had to endure more earthquakes again in the last 24 hours.

I contacted 1st Vice-President of the ISU – David Dore for his thoughts on the matter.

He declined to comment specifically on Moscow, Russia wanting to focus instead on the bigger picture and the fact that the issue has been resolved:

Can you comment on the allocation of Worlds?

“I am pleased that the matter is now sorted out and hope that the competing athletes can gain from this experience.” — David Dore

He acknowledged that it had been a very difficult process and that gettin it solved had required the efforts of many.

With regard to the Worlds not able to be held in Japan, Dore had this to say:

“It must be very difficult for the Japanese and understand and appreciate their magnanimoty and hope that their country can solve their domestic problems as quickly as they are able.” –David Dore

The dates have been confirmed as April 25 – May 1 in Moscow, Russia. The ISU’s press release can be found here.

For Canadian fans, BOLD (CBCs digital channel) and I will be on hand for all of it.

If you would like to help the Japanese relief efforts, here are a few websites to try:



My friends (and yes I really do know these people – and they’re amazing) at Artistry have set up a link through their parent company Amway, where they are matching donations: Check it out here.