Pj Kwong is a self-proclaimed Word Broker who goes by the motto: I read them. I write them. I speak them. A fascination with other languages and a bilingual start to her education has helped carve a successful career as a PA announcer at 5 Olympic Games among many other events. The 25+ years as a figure skating coach has enabled her to talk skating in depth happily on CBC since 2007. The person rather than the accomplishments is how she approaches her subjects and her life.

Terrific Turkey – Fairy Chimneys and Open Air Museum in Cappadocia

    Getting the chance to holiday in Turkey between the Olympic and Paralympic Games offered me the opportunity to experience something different. From  Istanbul, my friend and I travelled to Cappadocia for a quick 2 day one night stay. It started off as a bit of an adventure (no rurpise there) since I thought […]

Sochi Bagpipers – City Pipes Band

    You read that right. Sochi and bagpipers in the same breath. I ended up at Wheelchair Curling for the last two weeks of my Sochi experience. Although the rink I skated at as a kid was open to the curling sheets beside it, the only thing that came back to me about the […]

It’s Medical – I like to call it ‘Hurp-ful’ – Another Sochi Adventure

Hello family and friends! I have shared with many of you (some of you would call it whining) that I have a sore shoulder that stems from having broken my stupid wrist while stupid skating. I found out from my Russian buddies here in Sochi that the massage therapists were great at our Sanatorium so […]

Terrific Turkey – More Art #2

        Coming from my country we tend to think if a building is Canadiancient – it is a couple of hundred years old and worth some serious consideration. Going to Turkey and exploring places that have been around for thousands rather than hundreds of years takes some thinking about.       […]

What’s in a Word? 2014 Edition

            What’s in a word? Well, in my line of work – a lot. For instance you don’t want to say Silver when you mean Gold or Stop when you mean Go and as I sit in my appointed seat as close to the action as you can be without […]

Terrific Turkey – Artistic Adventure #1

            Between the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia I thought it might be fun to go to Turkey for a week to explore. It seemed like a much better idea than crossing the Atlantic twice in 6 days to experience the jet lag that comes from a 9 […]


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