Pj Kwong is a self-proclaimed Word Broker who goes by the motto: I read them. I write them. I speak them. A fascination with other languages and a bilingual start to her education has helped carve a successful career as a PA announcer at 5 Olympic Games among many other events. The 25+ years as a figure skating coach has enabled her to talk skating in depth happily on CBC since 2007. The person rather than the accomplishments is how she approaches her subjects and her life.

My Own Long Lost Family Story – A Love Letter for my Grandmothers

This is a true story – from my perspective and from my understanding of the family lore that has been shared with me. In the 1930s – my three grandmothers each faced dramatic and life-altering challenges. My father’s mother prayed that she would one day hold a baby as she was facing difficulties with fertility […]

Farewell for a friend – David Dore

I was so sad on Friday to hear that David Dore had passed away. With the sadness came so many memories of a man that I have known practically my whole life and one who has been instrumental in the path that my professional life has taken. When I was young and skating, there would […]

It’s Not What You Say….

JP Wong is back! Why JP Wong and not Pj Kwong? That is a very good question. All I know is, there was some confusion when I went to check in to get my uniform for the recent Synchronized Swimming event in Rio where I was the PA announcer. Turns out that it was listed […]

Stop The Meal Madness or Quinoa Quazy

After a lengthy absence, as a result of a year(ish) long ‘big girl’ contract, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked. That’s all changing now. I am inspired. I want to share. My inspiration comes as a result of several different ‘bon voyage’ meals in a row with new friends leaving […]

Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Launch

Wow – what a night! The launch of the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund took place at the Art Gallery of Ontario on June 25, 2015 and, like him or hate him, Toller Cranston was still the kind of man who could draw a crowd. The people who came to pay tribute to the prolific artist […]

Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Launch (and I’m going to be there!)

    On Thursday night, I am honoured to be attending an invitation-only event at Toronto’s AGO, to celebrate the life of the one and only Toller Cranston. My memories of Toller go back to being on the ice with him as a kid and, even then, wondering what it would be like to be that […]


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