Patrick Chan’s love of books is clear.

Two of my favourite worlds collided on Thursday evening: books and figure skating.

First Book Canada, on behalf of Patrick Chan, donated over 3,000 books to Ronald McDonald House Charities across Canada. The books have been divided amongst the 15 locations coast-to-coast.

In January, Patrick appeared on CBC’s kids show, Bookaboo – promoting literacy for kids.

For those who appear on the show, First Book Canada makes a donation to a charity of their choice. Patrick selected Ronald McDonald House Charities as he has been a long-time supporter across Canada.

When I look at the creativity and sensitive artistic expression that Patrick offers from the ice, it confirms for me that this had to come from somewhere. Here is what he had to say when I asked him:

What impact did books have on you as a child?


“Reading books as a child brought me to another world. It brought me to a fantasy world with superpowers where I could overcome adversity or any challenge.”


How do you imagine the books will help children staying at a RMHC?


“I hope First Book Canada and I provided a sense of normalcy for these families – whether it’s a bedtime story… or for the kids to enjoy on their own. When you’re packing for trips to the hospital and staying in RMHC, a book may not be a top priority to bring from home. I hope we’ve made the families feel more at home.”


Skating keeps lots of skaters on the road and away from home. It warms my heart to see that for Patrick Chan, that firsthand knowledge of looking for a little piece of home has translated into this donation of books for other kids away from home. Nicely done.

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