Benvenuti a tutti! The 3rd ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition moved from China to Torino, IT and is squaring up to be a barn burner!

Starting with the men – I think that Yuma Kagiyama from Japan is poised to take the top spot. When I saw him claim victory in Beijing at the Asian Open last month, it wasn’t without some hiccups. That said, the 2021 World Silver medallist lived up to his reputation and among other things, I was totally blown away by the knee action on his jump landings. WOW is the only word that covers it.

I am pulling for Boyang Jin from China like I do for all the veterans. Jin’s talent is undeniable – so are his nerves that have led him to winning a World bronze medal twice AND finishing in 22nd place at the 2021 Worlds.

The World Champion is here – the World Champion is here!! I think this is Anna Shcherbakova’s competition to lose. Anna is just one of a number of Russian women who can be on the top of the podium on any given competition – including the upcoming Olympic Games. What I really want to see though are two Japanese women: Mai Mihara, who won the Asian Open but came fourth at Skate America and one of my sentimental favourites the ever-elegant Satoko Miyahara who, despite two world medals, has struggled to find her footing of late.

Honestly? The rest of the world stops for me with Wenjing Cui and Cong Han from China on the TV screen or in front of my eyes on the ice. I don’t tweet, I don’t fold laundry, I don’t even sip my coffee. Nothing. I just watch in silent wonder. The 2018 Olympic silver medallists and two-time World champions are leaving nothing to chance this season and for me are the runaway favourites for this event, just like they were last week at Skate Canada.

The biggest names in ice dance will be in Italy; namely Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron, the four-time World champions and 2018 Olympic silver medallists from France. They will undoubtedly climb to the top of the podium in Torino as just another step on their journey towards potential Gold in Beijing.

World Champions Papadakis and Cizeron

That said, I fully expect Americans Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue, who are the reigning World Silver medallists, and Skate America champions to bring their ‘A’ game. (I might very well stop folding my laundry for this match-up as well!)

Good luck to all in Italy!

Pj’s Podium Picks:

Men: Yuma Kagiyama JPN

Women: Anna Shcherbakova RUS

Ice Dance: Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron FRA

Pairs: Wenjing Cui and Cong Han CHN

Feel free to leave your own picks in the comments below ? Don’t forget to join Charlene Bailey, Mazin Thomas and me for another edition of 3Turn3 on Friday, November 5 at 10am ET on the Pj Kwong Facebook page and YouTube channel and on Twitter @skatingpj. Here is the YouTube link:

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