Hi everyone -Turin here we come! Just for fun, I thought I would post my iAsk questions  for Artistry that I will be asking during the CBC broadcasts this week.  I have used www.fsuniverse.net,  Twitter (@skatingpj) & the shows to start conversations. The response has been GREAT and some really interesting points have been made all season long which makes me hopeful that you will weigh in here too!

Either leave your comment making sure to use the question# in your response or email me atpjkwong@pjkwong.com and you just might make the IAsk answer segment on TV! I think it’s going to be a great competition. I can’t wait to get started @7am ET on Tuesday morning! Thanks to all! Cheers, Pj

#1 Post Olympic Worlds-out with the old and in with the new?
It seems that there are two schools of thought. Do you think that skaters should be obliged to participate in Worlds (barring illness or other extenuating cirsumstances) after the Olympic Games in order to preserve the quality of the event or is it exciting to really start to see the younger skaters start to hit their stride? 
#2 Does Olympic result affect Skater’s Worlds Strategy?
What effect do you see an Olympic performance (for good or bad) having on a skater’s Worlds strategy?
#3 Figure Skating or Figure Jumping?
Will increasing the value of a Quad jump mean that skaters will start to focus less on components or is there room for everything in the 4 1/2 minute program?
#4 Pair Skating and Hitting the Ceiling
It seems as time goes on there are fewer teams performing elements like 3A and 4Sthrows and 4TW….is it possible that Pair Skating has hit the “technical ceiling”? Is it a case of not worth the risk or beyond the human abilities of most skaters?
#5 OD Dream Theme
If you had your way…what would be your OD dream theme? (For real or for fun )

#6 Men’s Field – the deep end of the pool 🙂

How does the depth of talent in the men’s field impact the level of competition?

#7 Yu-Na Kim’s Longevity – How long is long enough?

Does Yu-Na Kim need longevity to truly be considered a figure skating icon in the same vein as Sonja Henie, Barbara Ann Scott or Michelle Kwan? (Of course there are others – but as examples)

#8 Dancing to a different tune…

As innovators, Virtue and Moir have helped to shift the focus away from traditional ballroom to more athletic movement. Is Ice Dance headed in the right direction

#9 Women and the 3A

Will a common 3A be the next threshold and the way to advance the sport of women’s figure skating?

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