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This past week was a whole lot of fun. As I mentioned in that very brief Facebook Live on Wednesday, I was invited to a screening (with snacks!) to see I, Tonya. Producer Paul came with me. It was a great evening.

I remember ‘the incident’ where Nancy Kerrigan was wacked in the knee at US Nationals. It was the week before Canadian nationals and it was a real shock to think that security was now needed at skating events. If Nancy Kerrigan was at risk what did it mean for other skaters in other parts of the world? Not to mention those of us attending/working at competitions.


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Not only was it a shock to think about violence at a skating event – it was also shocking to learn that people surrounding Kerrigan’s rival Tonya Harding were responsible.

This movie is well worth seeing but I don’t find it funny. At all. It is described as a black comedy which is a genre that doesn’t usually interest me. What does interest me is portraits of people and this one is particularly captivating. This story is told from Tonya’s point of view and as it unfolds you appreciate that this woman’s life was not easy. Strangely though, it didn’t generate sympathy from me exactly and there will never be a good enough reason to have been involved in the attack of another person.

What it did do was round out my view of Tonya’s life. I got an up close and personal view of some very flawed humans. It gave me insight. It made me sad. It reminded me that ‘there but for the grace of God’, we all go.

In a really strange way, it is a reminder to try and be kind along life’s road because you might be walking beside a person who is struggling, and you just might make a difference. Just a thought.

I am glad to have seen this movie. It helped me understand that for Tonya Harding, a moment like the attack on Nancy Kerrigan was a (young) lifetime in the making. I, Tonya opens in the next couple of weeks – as fellow skating people would love to hear what your reactions are. Let me know?

In the meantime …

David Pelletier was willing to be delayed in the elevator lobby with me to talk about pairs. This is a great podcast and Paul and I will release it tomorrow. Wednesday is Facebook Live time again for the last time in 2017 so let’s make it a good one at 7 pm ET on my Facebook (author) page! I would LOVE it if you followed me @skatingpj on Twitter and Instagram!

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