Hi everyone – this story is too beautiful to not share…Sarah just turned 9
yrs old 2 weeks ago and is one of my skaters and she has been busy over the last
month with her 4th annual Food Drive to benefit the Toronto
Daily Bread Food Bank – I originally told her story on my blog – check closer to
the bottom of the page or check out her web page:http://tinyurl.com/5sb3zdp
…I just received the following email from Mom Lynda…(Did I mention that
Sarah just turned 9?????)

“Okay…sit down…
Do not read this while driving or
operating heavy equipment.
Sarah’s 4th Annual Food Drive

Sarah’s goal was to raise 1 tonne of food.
Here are the
508 pounds ( from our street, friends, family and
from North Toronto Skating Club)
1870 from Sarah’s School
2286 from
Tremblett’s Valu Mart ( including 25 turkey
pounds of food

In addition, she raised just under 2K in cash, which
the Daily Bread Food Bank counts every dollar as a pound of food.
All in,
cash and food donations:
drum roll please…..
3 tonnes of food.
Can you believe it???
We can’t.
We are all in shock.
Not too sure if you heard her, but Gail Nyberg was on
CBC Radio today and was talking about Sarah. She was talking about the great
work that Sarah has done. It was awesome!”

Great work indeed!!  Way to go Sarah –  If this is what you are doing at 9 –
I can’t wait to see what you will be doing 10 years from now!!

What a great way to end my Thanksgiving …Thanks to the fans and families
who helped support this cause…and thanks to Sarah for letting me part of

Sarah – the newest and maybe best example of what a Skating Warrior Princess
can do (she just got named to this very select group)…would like to challenge
everyone else to do their best this week!!

The Power of One. 🙂

Pj 🙂

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