stick-girl-logo (2)I am not going to lie. I am pissed off. You might be too?

I received another one of ‘those’ emails telling me why somebody else is getting more than ‘we’ are and ‘it’ s not fair’!!!

In truth these emails are rampant and usually have some sort of headline about some group or another getting the better end of the stick without deserving it. There is a tone of “US” vs “THEM” and in all cases, the “THEM” are seemingly  benefiting from some huge advantage at “US”s expense.

If people are willing to drill down and use sensational headlines as the jumping off point – cool. We are all able to hold and share our own opinions. In most cases though, people are taking sensational visual ‘sound bites’ passed along via email as fact.  The thoughtlessness with which people pass along sensational headlines is my objection. What’s the harm? Plenty. It’s called hate.

You want to talk about social problems and government mistakes and whatever else – have at it – as long as you are willing to check all of the facts for yourself and give all of it your complete thought and consideration. Anything else is irresponsible. There are kids watching and learning from what we do. If you don’t know all of the facts – say so – don’t trust that anybody else will give you all of the facts you need to make up your own mind.

Here’s the email that I sent back to the mailing list in which I was included – I have not included the subject of the initial email I was sent because it isn’t important. What is important to me is the fact that people are mindlessly sending crap via email every day without any thought to its’ veracity.

Hello all,


Kindly do not forward information that you have not checked out for yourself.  The information within is what I consider visual ‘sound bites’ – in other words sensational to be sure but not balanced.

Who among you would you like your salary or benefits or other personal information mentioned without putting any of it into perspective?

I normally wouldn’t respond to this email – but feel that I have to. It is racist and inflammatory and by not saying anything, I imply that I agree. I do not agree —- if you have something to say – do your own research and have a reasonable discussion like reasonable adults.

Am sick of smug. Am sick of racism. Am sick of people thoughtlessly passing along sensational visual sound bites via email  and passing them off as accurate and balanced information.

Peace people – it’s the only way.

Pj Kwong –     

PS – If you’re wondering –  this may be the first time I am standing up to say stop passing along hate that is masquerading as  information  but it won’t be the last — I would very much appreciate it if you would consider doing the same.