With the N’Ice Guys’ trip to Italy a mere 4 sleeps away…the phone rang.

*** Did I mention we were doing a Swan Lake/Sabre Dance mash up for the big show in Bolzano, Italy?? We like to call it “Dance of the Little Sabre Swans”…and Tom is one of our “lead swans.” ***

“Um Pj…I don’t know how to tell you this, but something terrible has happened.” Said Tom or “the cute brother” as he likes to be called during rehearsals. (His brother Kubo is simply known as “Stick”)

I wondered what it could be and I waited as if on egg shells.

“Well…I slipped and fell…ON THE ICE…and dislocated my shoulder.”

“Um…Tom…weren’t you a national level figure skater? Theoretically, as comfortable on the ice as a swan on the National Ballet stage??”

“I know. I know. Ironic isn’t it?? I was out looking at the stars and taking pictures for school. “

“Taking pictures… for school…? Bet “the cheque’s in the mail” too!” I said with a laugh.

Seems without his skates on, he is more like a sitting duck…er… swan… just waiting for an accident to happen and happen it did. You’d think that with all that schooling to become a rocket scientist; it would make Tom a little better versed in the principles of “sneakers + ice ( – salt) + gravity = disaster”.

Did he think that a little thing like a dislocated shoulder was going to get him out of coming WITH his tutu to Bolzano? I think not.

Who would be there to “drive the disco big rig” with brother Kubo and Kevin and the Daniels and all the other boys?

He’ll no doubt be (Kung Fu) fighting his way back to full use of both wings in time for our flight to Italy…via Philly…and then a city in Germany …otherwise known as the N’Ice Guys European (airport and bus station) Tour.

All between now and New Year’s …stay tuned for more blog entries… (almost) live as they happen!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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