David-Dore and Canadian Flag

I was so sad on Friday to hear that David Dore had passed away.

With the sadness came so many memories of a man that I have known practically my whole life and one who has been instrumental in the path that my professional life has taken.

When I was young and skating, there would be hushed tones if David Dore arrived for a test day. That doesn’t happen much any more. If you are a skater of a certain age, you will remember those test days, where the judges were there to evaluate your efforts and when you were successful there was no feeling like it.

Fast forward to my (random) decision in 1990 to become a PA announcer. I think it was 1991 by the time David and I were at the same competition and he heard me. It had been a long time since I was a skater and it took him a minute or two to put me into context of who I had been as a test skater. He approached me and told me that he wanted to use me as a PA announcer for Skate Canada events. Apparently, that was met with some resistance because at the time, as a professional coach I was considered ineligible to participate as a judge, accountant, music person or announcer. For a number of years, until the rule was changed,  I was an agenda item at the Skate Canada AGM where my ability to announce at competitions was voted on. That was David’s doing.

He was like a dog with a bone when it came to making his vision a reality. If he thought that something was good for the sport or good for the skaters, he was relentless. As a boss, he would never ask you to work harder than he was willing to work himself.

It’s funny – over the last few days, since we heard the news, so many employees, colleagues and friends have expressed their appreciation for David and their willingness to have worked for him again and again if the opportunity had ever presented itself.

The private David Dore was a mentor; the likes of which I have never had before or since. I will always treasure the hand-written notes that I have received along the way congratulating me on my successes and expressing condolences at the loss of my parents.

Complicated. Uncompromising. Vulnerable. Kind. Friend. Genius.

His methods were not always understood but I think that his efforts were. He wanted the world to feel as passionate about skating as he did.

If you want to know more about this man’s many accomplishments – check out his notice in the April 13, 2016 Ottawa Citizen:


Or on Skate Canada’s website:


According to the family’s wishes, any donations may be made to:

Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital (http://www.bruyere.org) or Hospice Care Ottawa (http://www.hospicecareottawa.ca)





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