The first thing I think of when I think of Africa is wild animals.

The second thing I think of is how fast could I really run if I was being chased?

The third thing I think of – is my insurance up to date???

We visited the City Park in Nairobi where one of the highlights is the troupe of Sykes monkeys that lives there. They are unafraid of people and want peanuts more than anything.  It is a bit unnerving as you start down the path towards where the monkeys stay. They seem to be coming towards you at an alarming rate and before you know it, they jump on you effortlessly and stay on your shoulder while you walk.

We found a bench and sat down and the monkeys surrounded us. They jump on you, sit on you and generally hang around if you give them peanuts. I was fascinated to see that some of the monkeys had very discerning palates. The roasted peanuts we bought from the vendor were not all uniform in their ‘doneness’ and as a result the monkeys who didn’t like burned nuts would take them from my hands, smell them first before either eating or dropping the peanut.

There was one monkey who really caught my eye. You could have called this monkey my favourite and I made sure that he/she (I wasn’t sure) got the extra good nuts.

It seems like no good deed goes unpunished: