Hi everyone….

I have learned so much; some of which I would like to share with you:

1. ALWAYS bring toilet paper with you to the loo. Seems it is only put out for company so in the days leading up to an event, you’re on your own.

2. Shan Dian OO Shang – either means when translated “Modern Pentathlon” – modern 5 events is the literal translation or and I am still checking with the Olympic News Service – “Original yet Modern Chinese Fire Drill”.

3. Many of you may know that I took some Chinese language lessons before I came here and in truth I think it may have gotten me into more trouble than not because when I say anything to a Chinese person they (sadly) insist on talking to me. As anyone who knows any other languages knows at first all you can understand is what you are saying when other people actually speak to you it kind of messes you up the following is an actual Chinese conversation that took place in my venue today (day 2 at OYMCFD – see #2)
What the Chinese colleague said to Pj: “Chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese ? Chinese, chinese, chinese,
chinese, chinese, chinese: Chinese, Chinese, ok, bye bye.”
What Pj heard/understood: “You, chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese, macadamia nut!! Chinese, roast, chinese, chinese, duck, we, microphone, chinese, chinese, coffee? Panty lives in Greece, chinese, Olympic-u, chinese, chinese, paper, chinese, nap, ok,.bye bye.”
On the Chinese lessons: That was money well spent!

4. If you see the following on a menu, even if it is a Korean BBQ menu, as I did last night with friends, don’t order it:
Grilled Therdgrdha Icogrdmma
Feel free to order a piece of grilled steaf

5. If you are foreign and work at the Olympic Games in China…be prepared to have your picture taken a lot…and to be introduced to local people of varying degrees of importance. Tonight, I was presented to the deputy director of the Olympic Sports Center complex whose job it is to oversee all of the venues there. So…handball, water polo, modern pentathlon and I am sure other things all fall under his jurisdiction. I smiled my warmest smile and said in my best Chinese I was very happy to be in Beijing and that I thought that this was a wonfderful Olympics!

At least that’s what I hope I said. As usual I had a Chinese person translating my Chinese into Chinese.

Hopefully this Chinese friend did a better job than the last one who let me walk around for a couple of days doing my thumbs up to people and telling them: Good job! As I started to get sassy with my new found phrase and I used it unsupervised and started getting strange looks.When Cissy (who taught me the phrase) stopped laughing; I found out that I had been randomly doing the thumbs up and telling people (a whole lot of people) “girly fat”. So around the groups I go pointing to people; smiling and t humbs-upping them and saying “girly fat!!!”. “girly fat!!!” Because I also know superlatives, I could also say “most girly fat!!!!” to those singled out for additional praise.
There’s nothing else to say really is there? As usual…I have watched no sports and haven’t a clue as to what is going.
Pretty much business as usual.



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