I would be lying if I said that I was kindly disposed to the fact that my arch (language) rival the mighty Grier has already produced his first Wacky English submission.  Although it wasn’t found in Vancouver, he feels because he is already in Games mode that it counts.  I am iffy.  You will have to be the judge as you read his note:

“Dear Ms. Kwong,
If I recollect collectly, you previously made up some lame excuse about the fact that since Canadians speak English we’d have put the Silly English competish on hold until we get to London in 2012..
Well I am here to say that I will not be so easily put off…! The Games must go on!
I therefore submit my initial entry.  (I must preface my entry with a brief explanation of extenuating circumstances. Having arrived in Vancouver on the 19th of January, I began in earnest looking for suitable text.  I began scouring the Chinese restaurants across town… I checked out the Korean BBQ joints near Burnnaby… Japanese bars on Granville… Nothing! 
My fortunes changed with the new month. On the 1st I flew to Tokyo for a brief meeting and a one-night layover at a Narita airport hotel… It was a grey cold February afternoon… Looking out the small hotel window and feeling a bit melancholy about my inability to find a suitable entry in our biannual silliness, I was struck by providence… For right there on the window in front of me was the following…
“NOTICE: Do not open a window to prevent a dewdrop or harmful insect entering”
The fact that I found this bit of wisdom in the far east maybring pause, but as am more or less ‘at the Games’, I think it merits approval.  

I remain at your mercy…”

From my perspective it’s no GREEK MEET BALLS (from Athens 2004) but given the fact that it is being submitted as a jumping off point, I think we will have to accept it.

Game on!

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