Photo by Rod MacIvor

Toller and a painting

The week before the recent World Figure Skating Championships, I made a phone call to Toller Cranston’s home in Mexico to see if he would be willing to do a podcast with me for He was open and willing (and gracious). First hurdle – check.

If you have ever been at a World championship – you know just how busy it can be.  When you are working at a Worlds, which Toller and I were both doing, multiply the busy times a gazillion.

I felt like I was chasing the ‘Polka-Roo” from my kids’ childhood favourite TV show. Everywhere I went, Toller had just been. Sigh.

I reconciled myself to the fact that I might not get the chance to interview Toller. At the last minute, Keith Walker (ArtEvolution) got in touch with me. The interview would happen! Yay! Now, I had to happily re-arrange a meeting for later in the day, pack up my microphone and computer and get to the rink.

What transpired was a fascinating conversation for me.  Sometimes you just get lucky. Toller’s willingness to answer questions about his life was a thrill for me.

The Toller Cranston podcast.

For art fans – read on – Toller’s work will be featured on the Shopping Channel at the end of this week:

Toller Cranston Press Release – March 18, 2013
Iconic Canadian Toller Cranston, Order of Canada recipient, figure skating champion and artist releases fine artworks and collectables through and The Shopping Channel.

The Toller Cranston Season’s Collection being offered through The Shopping Channel is a collection of limited edition fine artworks themed to the four seasons: Winter – Spring – Summer and Fall.

In November 2012, Art presented the first in the collection “Under the Red Lanterns”. The “Spring” release titled “The Philosopher and The Little Bird” will be presented in 4 live TV shows on March 26th 2013 on The Shopping Channel. Canadian Show times: (eastern standard): 9AM-NOON-3PM-6PM

“The Philosopher” and other Toller Cranston fine artworks are also available in The Toller Cranston Boutique at

Toller Cranston:

“While I have enjoyed a long and fruitful career as an artist, I am very happy that Art is expanding the distribution of my artworks in Canada and globally, with a focus on reaching new art lovers.”

Although Toller has firmly established himself as an iconic Canadian because of his revolutionary figure skating talent, what few know is that this extraordinary career was financed through the sale of his paintings. Toller is “The Artist that Skated”.

He is respected by his peers, has been exhibited in major international galleries and museums and has been featured in over 400 one-man exhibitions throughout the world. In fact over an impressive 40-year career Toller has created and sold over 70,000 paintings, which are in the hands of fine art collectors’ worldwide.
Art Evolution is an online marketing company that is focused on the distribution of high quality collectable artworks. “Our focus is to take the mystery out of the art buying process and to make the acquisition of artworks accessible, understandable and fun. Genuine fine art should be available to everyone at realistic prices. The reality is that the vast majority of people are intimated by art galleries and have never even walked in”, said Christopher Talbot, President and Founder of


YouTube: Toller Cranston Presentation
Art has offices in Canada, United States and France.