Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds (Photo by Justine Chiu)

More than anything, Kevin Reynolds is a very determined young man. Take the 2009 Cup of China where he was detained on his arrival in Beijing, due to the H1N1 virus.He ended up competing anyway despite feeling awful. “I felt sick and it was obvious.It was a tough experience” he goes on to say:”It sapped all the strength out of me and it was obvious in my performance.”
What is refreshing is that there are no sour grapes here, Kevin is pragmatic and is willing to take the good with the bad.He sees his 4 Continents Bronze medal as a turning point in last season. Kevin says:

“Although I won my first nationals medal, it was not what I wanted because I didn’t make the Olympic team.I saw the 4 Continents as an opportunity to redeem myself. I got over 80 points in the SP and going into the long program I had not been in that position of being in 1st. Being chased is different from being the chaser. I felt it was a great learning experience.”

Speaking of the Olympic Games he does talk about it being difficult to have had the Games virtually in his backyard and not competing there. Channelling his energy on the ice he continued to work away and landed his first quad loop jump, during the Olympic Games time frame, which he says he is toying with putting in his free program this year. Kevin loves to jump and talks about being younger and relishing being at the rink to work on the next jump. With solid quad Salchows and Toes in his arsenal and now the possibility of a quad loop he is undoubtedly this generation’s ‘Jump King” and I think if there was ever a skater to break the next jump barrier whether it’s a quad Lutz or Axel, Kevin could very well be that guy.
This year he has decided to keep last year’s short program to Moanin’ by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne. That program was the key in his re-invention as an artistic and not just a technical skater. Kevin says:

“Shae-Lynn re-did some of the choreography and I am going for a second Quad in the Short program. I am trying to go for history right there.”

For the Free program, Shae-Lynn and Kevin, along with coach Joanne McLeod Free decided on a Strauss medley as a departure from last year’s modern theme. He says:

“Something a little more elegant to show a change of styles. Shae-Lynn did the choreography and it was the first time she did a long program for me.”

Kevin’s goals for this season are to improve on his Grand Prix performances from last year and to qualify for Worlds where he wants to make top 10. It seems like all is within his reach having competed and finished in 11th place at Worlds in 2010 as the last minute substitute for fellow Canadian Vaughn Chipeur who had to withdraw because of foot surgery. He will be competing at Skate Canada and Trophee Eric Bompard in France.

Kevin lives at home with his family and speaks with determination about the future: “I feel the goal right now is to reach Sochi in 2014 and that working would distract from skating and school can wait because I can always go back to it. Beyond that I don’t know. What I am going to do eventually? I haven’t thought about it at all.”

“To perform in front of so many people is an honour.” Kevin continues: Before the music starts, you are in the moment that you realize you don’t know how many people are watching you – it is an amazing feeling.” We feel the same watching you.

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