Skaters outside - the last bit of winter :)

That is my way of explaining that this wonderful interview with Jeremy Ten that I did at the High Performance Camp fell off my radar…UGH…

There is no time like the present! With Canadian nationals coming to Mississauga next week and Jeremy poised to tackle the men’s event hoping to finish on the podium.

At the time Jeremy was suffering from some soft tissue damage on his right ankle when he came down ‘funny’ on a triple Axel. This was the same leg where he had surgery. I am hoping that all of this is a thing of the past and we will see what he can do nin Mississauga.

Jeremy’s goals for the year he summed up this way: “I am really focused on my skating. I just want to be able to compete more. Last year had to be a recovery year so this year I just want to go for it.”

The really cool news is before his injury, Jeremy was working on his  quad Toe and even fully rotating and landing some clean.

As you may or may not know – Jeremy has a huge following of Japanese fans and I asked him to explain why he thinks that is:

“I think they appreciate beautiful and artistic skating and they can see how much I love the sport. I think they also like the fact that I have a really outgoing personality which some through in my skating.”

If you’re wondering – both programs were choreographed by David Wilson – and the short is new while the free is last year’s Il Postino.

Here is more from Jeremy: