At the wine launch - the Stojkos with wine maker Peter Jensen

At the wine launch – the Stojkos with wine maker Peter Jensen

I have to say – it doesn’t matter that I first met this man while he was still a teenager, I am amazed at how Elvis Stojko continues to evolve and it is a treat to see. Most recently we found ourselves in the media room at Skate Canada where he was the athlete ambassador for the event.

I wanted to know what he was up to. As it turns out – quite a bit!

Elvis and wife Gladys Orozco-Stojko hosted a beautiful event a while ago to introduce a wine that Elvis was a part of. It was so successful, that he decided to do it again. This wine is called QUAD Reserve and is made from 4 special types of grapes. It is supposed to be delicious and is in limited supply – so if you want some – phone the Palatine Hills Winery at 905 – 646 – 9617. I love this project where Elvis Stojko Wines is in partnership with the Niagara on the Lake winery. What makes it even more special is that the net proceeds of the Elvis Stojko Wine Initiative will go to support the Gladys and Elvis Stojko Fund for Animal Welfare.



There is so much more.

Aside from a non-stop show career, Elvis has also been trying his hand at acting. He takes it seriously and has been training with acting coaches and the results speak for themselves. If you were like me, you watched Ice Girls (which you can now buy on Amazon) and were impressed by how Elvis has turned this corner in his life. It turns out there are another couple of projects down the road for this actor.

Keep your eye on Elvis – he’s always up to something. I got the chance to chat with him on video in Mississauga:


Visit his website:  follow him on Twitter: @elvisstojko



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