Getting it right.

I am assuming that, like many of you, waking up early on Saturday morning to watch the Royal Wedding was a great way to start the weekend.

I know. You’re thinking I am off on another non-skating related tangent. Ha! The truth is, watching the Royal Wedding inspired this blog for a couple of reasons. One: the ‘you only have one chance to get this right’ performance quality of it all. Two: the attention and effort that goes into getting it right.

That’s where the skating family comes in. I am a big fan of skating aficionado and social media superstar Jackie Wong who always ‘gets it right’. Jackie is knowledgeable, respectful and a huge source of information. The fact that he can get as much information out from competitions as he does with the limited amount of time he has is nothing short of a miracle.
Jackie and I have crossed paths lots of times at competitions and on the first day in Milan, I begged him to sit with me for another podcast recording. This is what follows and I think you will enjoy the conversation. You might also enjoy another conversation; the one I had with Jackie the first time I interviewed him for my podcast back in December 2016. Click here for the episode.

As for any of Jackie’s other endeavours, check him out online at on Twitter and Instagram @rockerskating on Facebook at and on his amazing podcast – Ice Talk on iTunes: Click here 



If getting it right is half as important to you as it is to Jackie Wong, then give him a follow!

Check out my podcast from Worlds 2018 with Jackie Wong on my @SkatingPj page –


Thanks to everyone who joined in for my Facebook Live on Wednesday! We’re going to do it all over again this Wednesday at 7pm ET on my Pj Kwong (author) page. Looking forward to more great conversation! Please follow me on Twitter @skatingpj and subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Have a great week!

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