Pj Kwong is a self-proclaimed Word Broker who goes by the motto: I read them. I write them. I speak them.

Pj’s career is as much of a surprise to herself as it is to anyone else. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree focused on Modern Languages. After a brief stint in the hotel business, she returned to her roots in figure skating as a coach, while raising a family.

During the World Championships in Halifax as a spectator in 1990, Pj was inspired to become a PA announcer. A humble start as a local event volunteer blossomed into a career that includes six of the last seven Olympic Games with requests for the Games in 2016 and 2018 already in the works.

Television came next when there was a need for English language guide track commentary in all of figure skating’s disciplines at ISU Championships. Pj’s extensive knowledge of the sport’s technical aspect as well as the skaters made her the natural choice and led to work with the following networks: CBC, CTV, TSN in Canada and CCTV, TBS, Asahi and SBS in Asia.

Pj has been a fixture on the team covering figure skating for CBC Sports since 2006. A dream job that has included interviewing and writing about some of the sport’s biggest stars and stories.

Commentary duties have included entire events and simultaneous interactions with viewers via email, Twitter, online chats and Q & As. The after-show podcast that Pj does with colleague Kurt Browning is another part of the coverage that has gained in popularity on the CBC Sports’ website over the last 3 years.

Pj’s first book, Taking the Ice: Success Stories from the World of Canadian Figure Skating, was published by Bookland Press in 2010.