It has been a long day. I have been spending more than the usual amount of time reading and ooking for information about Worlds and whether or not Tokyo will be able to host the event.

I have to say from what i have seen – the news isn’t good. An insider at the highest level disclosed to me that to try and relocate the event would be very difficult given the amount of work that goes into putting on a Worlds. The logistics alone of hotel rooms and two empty rinks and re-organizing people’s schedules seems like a longshot – not impossible – but challenging to say the least and I am only talking about the skaters and officials at this point and not even touching on how to manage fans and media and everything else…..

Then there are the problems ‘on the ground’ in Tokyo where many things are ‘business as usual’ but other things like the ability to buy water and staples and the issue of power conservation would make it again more difficult. This information comes from a couple of people who are in Japan. Let’s face it – we’re talking about 2 natural disasters and the tragedy is almost too big for me to comprehend from the safe haven of my family room.

The ISU is wading through tricky territory at the moment and I am impressed that they have been so forthcoming about information. Today’s media advisory located at the website promises more information by Monday morning (European time) The ISU has acknowledged that one of the many factors has to do with the stability of the Fukushima area’s nuclear plant.

it seems as if a number of federations are weighing in -I read the release from the German federation that indicated that they are respecting the advisory set out by their government about not travelling to Tokyo. (Thank goodness for my high school German). I also received an advisory from the US federation that they are waiting for more news before making any decision.

I don’t know what the answer will be. More than anything, it appears to me as if there is no way to make this work without hurting someone. If Worlds goes ahead – it could be seen to be at the expense of the Japanese people in their hour of pain. If Worlds doesn’t go ahead – I feel for the countless hours of work already invested by the Organizing Committee and the Japanese federation but more than anything, I also feel for the skaters whose whole year is built around this competition.

As a big picture kind of person – I have to say when it is all said and done -‘ it’s only skating’ and Japan has bigger things to deal with at the moment. As you might imagine, I am speaking only what I believe and will roll with whatever decision is made.

My thoughts go also to the decision makers – this can’t be easy.

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