Da Doha GangIf you were to run into Tim Hughes, there are three things that you immediately notice about him: a great voice, a natural curiousity about the world and the people in it and then there’s his warm and friendly smile.

We first worked together at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics although it wasn’t until Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008 (and now Doha)  that we got the chance to spend any time together.  In Salt Lake, he was the voice behind Olympic Medals Plaza and in the summer Games at the venue for boxing.  What I like and respect so much about Tim is his passion for sports in general which comes through in his announcing:  “To me there’s nothing more exciting than a live event. Feeding off the energy of the crowd and working without a net.”

Tim got his start in PA announcing 10 years ago when the biggest event on the planet came to his hometown in 2002. At the time he was doing radio full-time for KSL in Salt Lake and the powers that be had been asked if they could provide some names of people who might be interested in doing some work for NBC which is how he ended up working at the Olympics.

“I mean as an announcer you have the best seat in the house and sometimes you’re right there for historical events. It’s great!”

What’s next for Tim?  “Well, I am hoping for more international events of course. Having PA’d the MLS Champs Real Salt Lake, I would love to get the chance to do a FIFA World Cup one day. I am also going to continue with whatever opportunities come my way as far as boxing and MMA are concerned.”

One dream has alreday come true for Tim who got the chance to meet Bill Rogers, the voice of Disney theme parks. Rogers advised him to play to his strengths when Tim told him that people at voiceover auditions were continuously telling him he was too “announcer-like.”

If you’re going to be a good announcer, my feeling is you should sound like one!

Here is more of what Tim has to say:


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