Kurt and Geoffrey deep in creative thought last summer

Kurt and Geoffrey deep in creative thought last summer




Let’s face it, if you’re Canadian, you are likely a figure skating fan. If not a fan, then at least someone who has a nodding acquaintance with the sport.

This year the Canadian version of Stars on Ice celebrates 25 years and Kurt Browning has been there since the very beginning.

As a fan, what I love about the show is seeing the skaters in a whole different light. I love the creativity, the various concepts over the years and the legendary choreography.

This year is going to be a treat. All season long, in between this and that at work, Kurt has been telling me about Stars on Ice and what he and creative collaborator Geoffrey Tyler have been planning.



Hearing about how it all came together was interesting. Pictured here are Kurt and Geoffrey brain storming last summer about this year’s show. They are as excited as we fans are.

I really thought that what they were planning was interesting enough, that I asked them if they would be willing to talk to me on my podcast site www.openkwongdore.com.  Stars on Ice  podcast with Kurt and Geoffrey .

There is noone who can really talk about this show than Kurt himself.

I can’t wait to see the show.

If you were ever doubting that these two could weave some magic, the proof is in the following pudding:


If you want more information and are looking for tickets – here is where you will find it:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/starsonice