As you might expect, wrangling 12 sorta’ forma’ elite figure skating sorta’ men is a bit like dressing cats.

To be honest, the teacher from Charlie Brown’s classroom perfectly characterizes the control I have over this group as the picture below clearly illustrates.
For the amount of education and good will in the group it is nevertheless surprising to see how a little silliness, too much time on one’s hands and “one-upmanship” can influence email exchanges.

Take the fact that when the email went out that Mazin and I needed the sizes from the Guys in order to have our sponsored jackets (and hats) ordered, they were not only sent to us but to the rest of the Guys as well as the 2 executives in charge of the project on the sponsor’s side. So the following emails were cc’d to EVERYONE:

“Hey, can you find out if the jacket comes in Sexy? If not, I’m a medium”

“I am somewhere between a medium and a large…make mine a Marge?”

“Great to have 10 emails when I get home with everyone’s jacket size. Information to be filed for later. BTW why do the 2 executives need to be cc’d on all of the messages?”

And then there was the exchange about the “Making of the Tutus” soiree chez Kevin that my CBC producer was cc’d on…in the spirit of “Alert the Media” I am guessing…

Of course there was the alert that had to go out about the rehearsal schedule sent by one of the guys as I was nowhere near a computer was cc’d to the 2 executives AND the CBC producer and signed “Arrivederci B******s.”

With Tom’s shoulder, the notes of “encouragement” (read subtle threat) from one member to the next about Tom’s participation were inadvertently cc’d to the show’s producer…but at least not the sponsor or CBC this time.

Not to worry…the N’Ice Guys have a signed contract to perform in Bolzano!!

We leave tomorrow…check back for more stories….wish us luck!

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