It’s a Monday thing. not only is it Monday but it is the Monday of the week of Canadians and a very busy time in my life. In addition to being a writer and commentator, I am a figure skating coach – but not today. The following is the email I sent to my “skating parents” to explain my absence.

Hi everyone –

The reader’s digest version is I won’t be there this afternoon – with my apologies…

Guilty with explanation….

I got up this morning and was busily working away at this and that and got up from my computer to make some toast. I started to wash my hands at the sink only to realize (no flies on this girl) that there was no water coming out of the tap! ARRRGHHHGGGGH!! The tap was frozen. GRRR ! It has happened from time to time as my kitchen sink is on the outside wall of my house. (It only feels like the wall is outside my house and not just the putside wall).
The solution is the hair dryer which I focus on to the pipes that lead to the outside world from under my sink. It can take a long time to get the water moving again. Did I say it can take a long time??? A REAAAAAAALLLLY long time.

In the meantime – I Bberried my friends, “Ron” and “Elyse”, to tell them I would have to cancel lunch. Ron (not his real name – you will soon see why) called me in a panic: “Is Pip ok?” “Pip?” I asked. “Yes. Isn’t Pip your dog’s name?? It sounds like Pip is frozen to the hot water in the sink??!! How does that even happen??! I thought that maybe the heat went out in the house while the dog was taking a drink in the sink and got frozen somehow.??!”Clearly this is a man who would rival Robert Munsch’s imagination. We did take a while to stop laughing. The Pip of which he spoke – was actually the (water) Pipe – spelled one-handed and with my left hand on my Bberry which was attached to the wall charger and whose screen was a litle too far away to confirm accuracy…(The Pic above is not of Pip but the Holiday Pic of Sonic The Hedge Dog…my favourite Kwong!)

After a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time – the pipes thawed and as I got up to answer the phone in a rush from beside the sink where I had been perched all this time, I slipped on a piece of kibble and twisted my ankle a little. (Making the matter worse – it was a guy trying to sell me windows.)
My slightly swollen foot is up on the ottoman, resting on my “medicinal” bag of frozen peas. I have taken my Advil. I can be found hiding in my house – see you tomorrow!
Pj 🙂