First things first. Those Guys who were supposed to come home are now at home. Those Guys who are goofing around Europe are somewhere in Germany (maybe) as I write this.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this trip was a 10+. The town was beautiful, the hosts were spectacular and we were thrilled to be able to do this for ourselves and to also raise money for Ovarian cancer.

The show was very well done and the production was of the highest quality and we really were honoured to be there. Of our 2 numbers, I would have to say it was the Sabre Swans of Swan Lake that really it it out of the ballpark which added to the excitement.

Excitement which could also be felt backstage and led to the regular amount of hijinx. We made some new friends at the show. Aside from Denis Ten, whose skating we all believe is sublime, we also made Massimo Scali (the Italian ice dance champion) and Annette Dytrt (retired German champion) as well as Philip Turchdorf (part-time rigger and 4th place German man) honourary Guys for being along on the “night that cannot be described”. Carolina Kostner gets to be a Guy for being sweet and nice and for standing in a picture AND “going through the Car Wash.” The Italian Hot Shivers get to be Guys for cheering for us during BOTH numbers! (We returned the favour and cheered for them when they skated…they were LOVELY!)

You don’t know about the Car Wash? Like the esteemed Tunnel Stare, created in 1996 by Ice Nightmare, the Car Wash is a modern classic.

Picture 2 lines of men facing each other, wearing tutus made out of white garbage bags (which create a wonderful rustling sound) and standing in their skates. They lined themselves up right before the only door leading to the area just before the ice. When you twist side to side with said tutus it resembles the effect of those big brushes in the car wash, hence the name.

With confidence, Annette was rhe first one through, smiling. She was followed by Massimo AND partner Federica Faiella and, in the coup of the 21st century, the lovely Carolina went through and was giggling and ruffled a few tutus along the way. Truth be told more than the tutus were ruffled for a few of the Guys and I am not sure they have recovered they were so enamored.

Our hosts had food and wine for us after the show and it was a chance to kick back and relax and eat and drink (some more!) Then it was a quick trip back to the hotel and when it was all said and done, a 45 minute nap before a gag wake-up call from The Phenom, 15 minutes before it was necessary (and I said Thank You…not recognizing the voice).

This trip was a stand alone. Truly a magical and extraordinary experience and one that I won’t ever forget.

If you are looking for a link: for Kung Fu Fighting.

Thank you Bolzano! We really didn’t know what we were in for. We owe you one!

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