Hi again,

It is show day and we are show minus about 2 hours and while the guys are playing cards and trying to get the attention of the very prettty Hot Shivers (the Italian Synchro team), it is time for me to tell you why men and women are different.

Take a simple trip to the bathroom.

For women, like me, you excuse yourself and find the door marked WC and go in to find yourself in a little foyer with a men’s room on the right and women’s on the left. In this little anteroom there is a sink and then a window above with a handle.

Women, or this woman at least, went into the WC and that was that.

Not so with the N’Ice Guys. J-bird was the instigator. Seemed like he thought it would be a swell idea to go to the bathroom, and exit through the window and then come around the building to enter into the restaurant thrhough the front door again to thunderous applause and what sounded like giggling from his team mates. J-Bird was too chicken to do it so made Kubo do it first. Not only did he drop the 5 feet or so from the ground, but he was worred he wouldn’t get back into the building so shinnied back up into the open window to make sure he could get back in.

Once the rest of them were inspired by Kubo, they all had to do it. There were more than a couple of funny moments:

D-Lo got stuck the first time so had to request a mulligan and was ultimately successful but not until the next day.

With the exception of Kubo, all of the Guys zigged instead of zagged after hitting the ground and made their way (sheepishly) through the kitchen instead of around the front of the hotel to get back to the table.

Women would never think of doing that.

During a break in the action yesterday, some of the Guys thought that it would be a great idea to play handball in the dressing room with a tennis ball. The speed and intensity was such that they decided that they should take their shirts off AND open the window (women would have lit a candle) to alleviate the sweat smell.

I have to say it doesn’t matter how intense the shopping is, women (or at least the ones that I know) would never take off their shirts!

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