Ronald Wanyonyi - owner of Diani Express Adventure Safaris

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting before coming to Kenya. I do know that even with the hiccups that are inevitable travelling in Africa, the pride of the Kenyan people is obvious.

While in Diani Beach, Amanda, James and I had the good fortune to meet Ronald Wanyonyi who helped us organize our excursions. Although barely out of his 20s, Ronald already has been working in tourism for 14 years. He was the manager of his uncle’s hotel, Diani Beach Campsite and Cottages where we were staying up until the beginning of 2012 when he decided to branch out. He has an office on the hotel property where he organizes excursions for guests.

Over and over I came across people who were creating businesses for themselves. They weren’t relying on anything except their own ideas, energy and initiative. It was impressive. Ronald’s initiative in creating his company Diani Express Adventure Safaris ( was no exception.

With Ronald’s help, we were able to figure out our priorities in term of what we wanted to see. My idea was to see as much of Kenya as possible. The advantage of somebody who understands “muzungu” priorities was a bonus.

Here is what Ronald says about travelling in Kenya:

Ronald wasn’t the only young Kenyan with goals in mind. While on a tour of a typical Digo village, I came across Kenyan singing sensation G-Fullah.

If you get the chance to come to Kenya especially on the coast – do your homework – figure out the kinds of things you would like to see and experience and give Ronald a shout – make every minute in this extraordinary country count: