Hi Kids!

This has been a very busy couple of days!

When I last wrote you…I told you that I was going to be able to go on a sleepover with my friend Gaston Bison and Monique. As promised, I got to go to the Athlete’s Village and hang around while Monique and Patrick “DJ Iree” Sweeney worked on the Team Welcome ceremonies. This is a really cool tradition here in Vancouver where the arriving teams get welcomed officially into the athlete’s village and you have to have a special pass to be there. Pj hasn’t even been there but I got to go!
Everywhere I went I told people that I was representing 3 schools…and I told everyone about the banners I have with me as well…and hopefully I will get the chance to put them up some more places very soon!

I got to take a picture with an RCMP officer as well as my pals the mascots and then Monique, Gaston and I GOT TO MEET RICK HANSEN!!! Check out our picture together 🙂 Mayor Hansen is one of the mayors of the athlete’s village. Pj was really jealous that she didn’t get to meet the original man in motion!!

Tonight was a very special night because Pj and her team were given Opening Ceremonies’ dress rehearsal tickets. We had to be there an hour early and we were not allowed to take any cameras and we are not allowed to say anything about what we saw because it would ruin the surprise for this coming Friday when it all happens for real.


There is nothing more that needs to be said!

A lot of proud Canadians in that venue tonight and we were right along with them.

Pj and I will be getting together with friends to watch the Opening Ceremonies and we both hope that you will get permission to watch as well on Friday. You won’t want to miss a minute!

Well, it’s late here and Pj and I are both sleepy. I will be back to you with more adventures very soon!

Bye for now!

Stanley and Pj

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