Hi kids!

Whew!! It has been a very busy week for Pj and me! First of all she has been working very very hard and hasn’t had a lot of time to take my notes and put them in the computer for you to read. She says she’s sorry!

I have some great news: I GOT TO MEET SCOTT MORRISON from Hockey Night in Canada!!! I told him all about everyone at all three schools and he wanted to make sure that I took a picture together with him! As soon as Pj gets the chance she is going to put it in our Gallery. He said that Canada has a very good chance at the medals and even Gold in men and women’s hockey! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!!

I got the chance to run into another Flat Stanley in a restaurant with Pj and Randy Starkman – we had fun. Starkman’s Stanley got his picture taken on a suchi boat that goes around the restaurant as well as with very famous Eric Heiden – who is an American speed skater who won all of the speed skating races he was in at the Olympics in 1980.

I have also been meeting a lot of new friends at CBC in vancouver – people like Heather Hiscox, Karin Larsen and Ian Hanomansingh as well as lots of new radio friends like Matt Galloway from Toronto and Rick Cluff from here. Everyone is so nice. they all want you kids to know that they think that you sending banners to the athletes was a really cool thing to do and that the athletes really appreciate everyone’s support!

Pj’s mom took me to the women’s hockey game….I had fun!

More later!

Stanley and Pj