Hi Kids!!

I made it all the way to Vancouver and had a really good night’s sleep last night! It was a good thing because Pj and I were really busy today!

Pj introduced me to her friends from the Snowboard crew. They are very cool AND very friendly. Kevin and Uncle E and Spence and Andrea offered to take a picture with me and then got everyone to gather around for a picture with the banner! Uncle E says the most important thing you need to be part of the Snowboard crew is “hat-itude”. (He likes wearing hats a lot!)

We met up while we were waiting at a place to get a tag known as “accreditation” which has everyone’s full name as well as their picture and where they are working. The people who work there have a very important job because they need to be sure that they are giving these tags out to the right people and that everyone who has a tag is able to work where they are supposed to. There are letter codes on the tags that identify the location where you will be working and what kind of a job you do. The cool thing is with this tag Pj can take us on any city bus for free! (Guess how much Pj likes free stuff? A whole lot is how much!!!)

After getting the tag we lined up again for our uniforms in the same building and the nice ladies in the room where you can try things on kindly held me up for a picture and then unrolled the Ashgrove banner to do the same thing.

The next line-up was in a warehouse place where all of the uniforms are stored on shelves. Pj handed the lady behind the counter a sheet of paper that had her name on it as well as the size of clothing she needed and the lady went and got a bag and filled it with all of the items. There are 2 long-sleeved blue shirts, one pair of pants, one jacket, one vest AND a pretty blue hat that the lady let me try on!

After that we went to the arena where Pj will be working and she was able to meet one of her new bosses and get a cell phone from him to use during the next 3 weeks. The arena looks great and I am sure that there will be some great skating going on there pretty soon!

After lunch, we went to a meeting with all of the announcers and DJs and producers and everyone who will be working at sites around the city. It was a lot of fun and great to meet so many new people.

I think I am going to love it here! More adventures as they happen 🙂 Make sure to go to my Gallery to check out the pictures.

Bye for now.

Stanley and Pj

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