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Blog: Pj has been publishing on her blog long before it became fashionable. Read about figure skating, her globe-trotting adventures and personal essays.

CBC Sports: Working as a figure skating coach for the last 25+ years led to commentating opportunities from CTV/TSN, ABC, Tokyo Broadcasting, CBC, Fuji TV, Seoul Broadcasting and CCTV among others. CBC has been home to Pj’s skating voice, writing and commentary opinions since 2007. She would tell you that although working in skating is where her passion lies; she is the voice of lots of commercial projects, a blogger on her own site, a public speaker and with Taking The Ice: Success Stories from the World of Canadian Figure Skating a published author. You want opinions? She’s got them.

Taking the Ice: Canada is synonymous with success in figure skating. Taking the Ice tells us about some of the people who have been instrumental in creating the “Ice Dynasty” that we have come to enjoy as Canadians. Taking the Ice is not just for skating fans but for everyone who loves the personal and human details in a story that connects us all. Available through AMAZON.

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