Clean Slate

By on Jan 1, 2018 in @SkatingPj

I sat down several times to write this blog and came up empty. There is something about the ‘blank slate’ of a new year that I find a little daunting. I turned to the master of distraction, The Google, to find out if there was a special meaning for the year ahead and came up with this:

“2018 is a number of cooperation and relationships because that’s the type of energy it represents. The energy also contains the idea of being limitless.” – Affinity Numerology.

I love it.

Over the course of the Fall of 2017, Paul and I decided to try producing and posting weekly skating content. It allowed me the opportunity to showcase some of the skating relationships that I have enjoyed over the years as well as the chance to cooperate with my peers. The idea that this will continue is how I would like to see 2018. The affinity numerology people have an aspect of ‘being limitless’ – sounds good to me!

It’s easy to feel like the world is a crazy place. The immediate access to information is both a blessing and a burden as far as I am concerned. What I hold on to are the relationships and the breathing room that engaging with friends provides.

My sincere hope is that the new year is your own chance for a clean slate, and that on or off the ice, your world view is ‘limitless’ in 2018.