The Power of One

Patrick Chan and books for children :)

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Two of my favourite worlds collided on Thursday evening: books and figure skating. First Book Canada, on behalf of Patrick Chan, donated over 3,000 books to Ronald McDonald House Charities across Canada. The books have been divided amongst the 15 locations coast-to-coast. In January, Patrick appeared on CBC’s kids show, Bookaboo – promoting literacy for kids. For...

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My Own Long Lost Family Story – A Love Letter for my Grandmothers

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This is a true story – from my perspective and from my understanding of the family lore that has been shared with me. In the 1930s – my three grandmothers each faced dramatic and life-altering challenges. My father’s mother prayed that she would one day hold a baby as she was facing difficulties with fertility and carrying a baby to term. My...

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Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Launch

By on Jun 28, 2015 in Olympics, Personal, Skating, Sports, The Power of One

Wow – what a night! The launch of the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund took place at the Art Gallery of Ontario on June 25, 2015 and, like him or hate him, Toller Cranston was still the kind of man who could draw a crowd. The people who came to pay tribute to the prolific artist who changed the face of men’s figure skating could not have been a more diverse...

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Kurt B and me and the TO2015 Parapan Am Games – Are You Ready?

By on Apr 5, 2015 in Future Stars, Olympics, Personal, Sports, The Power of One

  I am not the typical sport lover. Anyone who knows me knows that I typically don’t have a clue as to the names of sports teams or the athletes contained therein and that goes double for the pros. What I do love are the athletes. As a coach, and former (kinda) athlete, I know what it’s like to be out there giving it your all without any hope of...

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Hockey Old Timers Fight Cancer

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Getting the chance to re-connect with someone from my past is a rare and unexpected treat and then finding out that we have something in common is even better. Meet John Thompson – a retired Vice-Principal. Did I say retired?? How is that possible that I have friends who are old enough to be retired? Clearly this is a blog post for a different day. John and I met...

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Boxing Lessons

By on Dec 5, 2013 in AFRICA, Books, Personal, Sports, The Power of One

What an interesting day. My thoughts are bouncing between two extraordinary men: South African Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela in death and Heavyweight Champion George Chuvalo in life. Both boxers. Both fathers. Both men whose single-minded push through extraordinary pain has and is changing lives. If you are a reader of this blog then you will know that I went to...

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