Patrick Myzyk

Patrick Myzyk

So how does a nice Canadian boy end up skating for Poland? It’s quite simple – looking for the chance to compete internationally, an opportunity presented itself for Patrick Myzyk and he took advantage. He had always wanted to compete for his country and didn’t feel as if he would get the chance as a Canadian skater.

At the 2011 Liberty competition with coach Angela Derochie, Patrick is a man on a mission. This is his first season representing Poland and he is eager to get his ‘ducks in a row’. One of those ducks is a consistent triple Axel. When he first started thinking about skating for Poland he was working on his own a year ago. he started working with Toronto area coach Robert Burke who eventually led him to colleague Angela Derochie. Patrick asked her if she could teach him a triple Axel? “I did a triple Axel so I can definitely teach you one.” Angela recalled with a chuckle.

One of the challenges skating in Canada and representing another country is the jet lag. Angela commented on the cooperative nature of the Polish federation in the back and forthing of setting up Patrick’s schedule. As a result, the pair will be travelling in August to Obertsdorf, Germany for the Nebelhorn competition and Bratislava for 2 back to back events representing 2 weeks of travel and only 1 time change. The alternative would have been an appearance at another event a week later which would have meant three weeks away from home.

Patrick’s parents are from Poland and he speaks Polish fluently. Torun, the location of the MKS Axel Club and Patrick’s new home club is also the city where his father grew up while his mother is from Gdansk. Appearing at last year’s Polish Nationals as a guest, Patrick is feeling very much at home and is feeling better prepared and earlier heading into the new season.  the date for his Nationals are not yet confirmed wlthough will be taking place some time in December. Interestingly, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia combine their resources in an event called Three Nationals. The 3 countries hold their Nationals together and there are medals awarded for each country highest placed competitors as well as medals for highest overall placings.

Patrick’s plan this season is to gain consistency with his triple Axel and to get his triple/triple combinations going. Pasquale Camerlengo is responsible for Patrick’s SP choreography to a violin version of ACDC’s Thunderstruck, while Julie Marcotte’s choreography is the backdrop of his Safri Duo medley free program.

Here are comments from Patrick and Angela about their plan:


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