Hi skating fans – I received this note not long ago from Jeremy Ten who has graciously given me permission to re-print it here in its entirety. It details his recent injury and prognosis. Jeremy’s words are in the blockquote:

What exactly happened:

I was going super fast as I always do riding the edges as deep as I could, in other words, being a gazelle on the ice. I was doing, or at least attempting, one of Megan Wing‘s stroking exercises (may I point out again that I was going super fast and super edgy) where I do a right inside twizzle into a beautiful landing stretch ALL on ONE foot; amazing I know. Well, the edge that I was riding was a little too deep and as I was coming around on myself the edge slipped out from underneath me. My left leg, which was in the stretched position, decided to bend at the knee and the pick went into the ice getting stuck as I was in rotation and falling (again at a relatively high speed) not to mention I fell literally on top of the foot…it was a very awkward fall. The torque and pressure combined with the speed and awkward positioning caused my foot to twist resulting in a spiral fracture of the fibula.
At the hospital, the on call ortho surgeon said stuff about putting in plates and screws because there was some displacement of my ankle but he discussed this procedure in a way where my career was just a minor detail in all this. So I wanted a 2nd opinion from someone I know and trust as welll as is knowledgable about athletic sport injuries; someone who would not only take my career into account but my future as well. So I called my surgeon (yay me for being proactive!) who operated on my right foot in January, Dr. Dory Boyer, who asked to see me right away. He believes the injury isnt as bad as what the 1st surgeon made it out to be and is 90% sure I won’t be needing surgery. He’d like to wait a week for the swelling to go down before we make a final decision because lets be honest, who wants to have plate and screws in their ankle, not me.

Recovery at this point pending on what we find out about ligament damage and whether or not I will be needing surgery is looking like 6 weeks before I can start rehab. I have been keeping in contact with Marni Wesner and giving her full updates on what has been going on as well as she has been keeping in contact with Dr. Boyer over the last couple days about everything. I am in good spirits (as you can hopefully tell by my lame jokes) and there are some plus sides to what has transpired:

  1. My right ankle will get even more time to heal which I think is a blessing in disguise
  2. Adele was cancelled on Tuesday so I didn’t have to miss it and will instead be watching her at the end of the month, dodged a bullet there thats for sure
  3. With all this crutching around this year my arms and upper body are gonna be HUGE not to mention I will be doing lots of upper body stuff while my lower half is out of commission which can only equal to 2 things = awesome beach body and perhaps a career in pairs? (endless possibilities)
  4. More time to pick the best music for the best new long program eveerrrrrr
  5. I’m only going to become stronger from this
  6. My autobiography is going to be amazing

BING BANG BOOM conclusion: Jeremy is going to be back in no time and hungry.

Pj’s Conclusion: If anybody can come back better than ever – Jeremy Ten can. Get well soon! For Jeremy fans – you can post your get well wishes here on my blog and I will make sure Jeremy sees the messages.

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