Figure skating boutique Back in the day when I was a skater if you needed a skating dress you had it made. When you wanted tights, you would get them at a dance store and for skates you would go to the skate maker.

That all changed when a small store opened in Toronto called the Figure Skating Boutique.

As with most things that store has changed and evolved and is considered a ‘go to’ place for everything you could possibly want for the skater in your family.

The poster in this piece was sent to me from my coaching coordinator and it started me thinking that it would be fun to acknowledge the efforts of Jason Dietrich who has owned and grown the Figure Skating Boutique brand for the last 5 years.

I caught up with him for a quick 5 Things You Might Not Know about Jason:

Question: How did you get started in skating/what is your skating background?

Jason: As a child I wanted to learn to skate and, as a child with asthma, my parents were told that this sport would be good for me. From here it just blossomed into skating every day and continuing to learn the sport. I ended up in Toronto in 1998 with an opportunity to be a pair skater. In 1999 I started working at The Figure Skating Boutique sharpening skates to help pay for my skating career.

Question: What is your philosophy for running your business?

Jason: Every day that the business is open I think about giving back to the sport that I enjoyed. As a business and as a retailer I enjoy contributing to the success of today’s skaters by making sure they have the proper equipment to help them succeed. Our tag line says it best: “Where Comfort and Fit Matter” – this is what we strive to achieve with each skater, no matter their level, age, or goals in skating. I try to do all that I can to ensure each skater is given the opportunity to skate and enjoy the sport as I did. Of course I could not have done this alone! I have had so many great employees and suppliers over the past 5 years who have helped create the business that everyone knows today and I would like to take the time now to thank them all for their support.


Question: What has been your proudest moment or biggest accomplishment over the past 5 years?

Jason: I am very lucky to meet such great people every day, and my proudest moments are the thank-you’s, the emails or the many photos I receive from skaters at a competition, standing on the podium, or from a recent ice show. As a business our biggest accomplishment has been our growth over the past 5 years including our expansion into Newmarket with our larger store.


Question: How have you seen skating evolve over the past 5 years?

Jason: The sport of figure skating has dramatically shifted with the new LTAD program (Long Term Athlete Development). We see more and more Canadians skating – both young and old. We see many skaters starting in a learn to skate program and continuing into recreational skating, synchronized skating or even hockey – not just competitive figure skaters.  Our store has also evolved with these changes, becoming not only a retail store but a place where people can turn for information on the opportunities available in the sport.

Question: Who are some of the well-known skaters that you have had in the store over the past 5 years?


Jason: Most recently we had the opportunity to fit skates for the upcoming season of Battle Of the Blades – although we were sworn to secrecy and we can’t reveal any names! In the past we have done skate fittings for Don Jackson, Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko, Patrick Chan, Yuna Kim, Brian Joubert, Alexei Mishin, Kevin Reynolds, Joannie Rochette, Josee Chouinard and several Pre-Novice, Novice, and Junior level skaters who are currently working their way up the ranks.


Congratulations Figure Skating Boutique and Jason! Thanks for letting me inside your story…