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The first thing you notice when you get the chance to catch up with reigning Canadian champions Kirsten Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch is their energy. Together for just over 2 years they have great chemistry which gives you the impression of having been together for much longer.

Competing at the Figure Skating Boutique Summer Skate competition in Thornhill, their goal  according to Dylan was to “get the programs out under some pressure and regardless of the results to carry ourselves professionally.” Both skaters admit to not feeling quite as prepared at this stage of the pre-season as they were last year, although for my money, that didn’t show.

Last year’s season was a bit of a Cinderella story. Getting the chance to compete at a 2nd GP last season at Skate Canada (as the replacement team for Jessica Dube and an injured Bryce Davison) they took the chance and ran with it resulting in 2 silver medals at their 2 GPs and a berth at the Grand Prix Final. Next came a 5th place finish at the ISU 4 Continents and an 8th place finish in the World. Whew. Now what?

Truth of the matter is, they aren’t a team to rest on their laurels and having tasted success are determined to not lose ground this season. Coach Kris Wirtz talks about his team.

Trying to hit the high bar they have set for themselves for this season has meant continuing to evolve and to take risks. Working with choreographer Mark Pillay the short program is to Borsolino. Both skaters are loving the ballroom dance aspect to the music and worked with (amazing) dance coach Paul MacIntosh to fine tune their expression. For the free, it is the music from Henry V that provides the backdrop. The skeleton story? Dylan explains “We always have a story. Basically, I am the king and she is my queen. We tire of the battle and there is a tremendous weight on both our shoulders. The story is  romantic but also has pain and angst.”  The skaters both feel that the programs play to their strengths: personality, personality and personality:)

Kirsten is described as ‘unique’ by partner Dylan and behind the darling smile is a tremendous competitor who is harder on herself than anyone else could ever be, It is that common fierce determination that is the glue that binds this team.  Their common goal is to be on top. Kirsten says simply  “our goal this season is we want to continue to improve, come out and look like we belong and make improvements on our 2nd mark and our speed.”  In my mind, she makes the case for the adage  ‘you have to name it in order to claim it.’

The skaters are perfctly in sync in other ways: when asked for one word to characterize their partnership, Kirstn and Dylan said almost in unison “entertaining.”  Dylan continued with a grin by saying “we do that all the time where we say the same word.”

Kirsten and Dylan are competing this season at Skate America and Cup of China on the Grand Prix circuit.  If their goal is, as they say, to appear “more engaged” with one another and not “simply skating” it would appear by all accounts, they are well on their way.


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