Skating is just around the corner and Canada’s Jeremy Ten will be at the first 2 events: NHK and Skate Canada. Intelligent and articulate, he admits that not qualifying for the Olympic Games in Vancouver was a disappointment, but that was then and this is now. Jeremy says:

“My goals for this season are to have a good season and have a good time and perform better and get stronger; working towards becoming one of the best in the world.”

Looking back on last season he says: “I was in a slump after nationals although I am a firm believe that things happen for a reason. There was a lot of pressure on a “hometown kid” and going to the Olympics. I am proud for never giving up on myself – I survived and everything happens for a reason.” He explains:

“I think with my injuries that Nationals was where I was supposed to end my season – had I gone to the Olympics, my injury was at its’ peak and it wouldn’t have been good.”

The problems were in his feet: on one foot it was the metatarsal bones jabbing into each other on triple and quad toes and then after Nationals he also had problems with his right ankle. Jeremy explains:

“I think we had my skates rebuilt sometime earlier and they were too stiff and it hurt and because you don’t have a lot of time, I pushed through it and the bones started impinging on each other and swell and hurt a lot. I had 6 months with no flip or Lutz jumps because of pain.”

The problem was finally diagnosed as bone impingement and he started treatment. Back on track, Jeremy is looking to improve his technical consistency with the inclusion of 2 triple Axels in his free program. He defines his skating style as “passionate and artistic” and looked to David Wilson and Jeffrey Buttle for the creation of his short program to music from “The Single Man” soundtrack, one of his all-time favourites. For the free program, he says with a laugh that it is to the same music from the Queen Symphony and he calls it his Queen v2.0 which was re-worked by David Wilson.
Jeremy’s coaching team includes long-time coach Joanne McLeod as well as Neil Wilson and then there’s Megan Wing, whose “crazy stroking lessons make 15 minutes feel like 45” but who has helped him increase his overall speed.

Jeremy’s biggest competitive obstacle has been:

“myself and I think right now I am still struggling with the confidence factor and putting program out when it counts. I am just going to focus on making myself better which should be the first step in catching the top skaters.”

In adition to skating, Jeremy is enrolled in 2 – 3 courses at a time at Simon Fraser University and did get a chance for some well deserved R&R over the summer. He and best friend and fellow skater Kathryn Kang took off for Whistler and got a jump start on their tans. He also works at Armani Xchange where the best thins is the people he meets AND the discount!

Back to his number one focus, Jeremy says: “Skating brings the gift of expression and the ability to connect with people without saying anything.” He loves “to bring someone from the outside on your journey on the ice.” This season, Jeremy’s journey starts next week at the NHK Trophy.

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