Jamie and Pj on podcast day

Jamie and Pj on podcast day

What I have always liked about Jamie Sale is her easy personality, quick smile and great laugh. What I have always loved about Jamie Sale is her honesty.

If you know her and ask her a question – she’ll answer. My advice? Make sure your mouth isn’t full <lol>.

I first met Jamie the first season that she and David Pelletier were competing together. You couldn’t help but notice the on-ice chemistry. What I wondered was what she would be like off the ice. At the time, I was doing (a lot more ) PA announcing and when I passed her in the hallway, she smiled and said hi. When I passed she and David warming up a second time, David introduced us and  she asked me where to buy the (not so sassy) running shoes I was wearing.

Girlfriends – the start of a friendship.

The fact that Jamie is just another woman in the world trying to make it all happen is something to which many women can relate – including yours truly.

When your life unfolds in an unexpected way that includes skating accolades, being at the center of the scandal that rocked the 2002 Olympics, marriage, divorce, motherhood et al – it can be hard to figure out how to take all of those things and put the proceeds to good use.

Sometimes you have it all under control – and other times – things slip off the radar like this short video interview I took just before Worlds – better late than never eh?

Olympian, businesswoman, champion of charities like Special Olympics, mother, wife, daughter  and friend – where do you start to describe Jamie Sale.

You need to start with her sense of humour. She doesn’t miss a trick. A year ago, I was hosting a show in Peterborough in which she and David were performing. I was seated very, very, very close to the edge of the ice. She and David were headed down to my end of the rink in a lift and as he went to put her down, I was thinking that they were  getting awfully close to me. As she was in the lift dismount, her legs still extended perfectly, she had to make a half turn in order to exit backwards on her landing edge. Her extended free leg almost kicked me in the head. I flinched. She looked back at me laughing as they skated away; knowing what had almost happened. Like I said  – she doesn’t miss a trick. I will also tell you – lunch will perpetually be on her for almost killing me in the line of PA duty!

If you want to know more – go to www.jamiesale.com or follow her on Twitter: @jamiesale.

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