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I have to say that this was the first time I has the chance to talk to Amelie Lacoste in any sort of detailed way and found her to be the soul of patience!  The fact that she was willing on 3 separate occasions to come back and answer questions via Skype because of my inability to make the recording function work…makes her #1  books!

As for skating – she has been working really hard in anticipation of her start in the Grand Prix series this weekend as one of 3 Canadian women competing.

“Last year was a big year for me. I did 2 Grand Prixs I was on the podium last year at Skate Canada and going to Worlds was one of the biggest goals I had for last year.  I worked so hard and I did a great job at Worlds.”

The trick of course is to try and figure out what to do differently in this season and Amelie talks ab out stepping out of her comfort zone to create programs in styles she hasn’t used before.  For the short program, she is skating to Satin Doll with choreography provided by Shae-Lynn Bourne and is excited by the dance-y style.”The short program isa new style for me. At first I wasn’t sure. It was difficult but after working with Shae-Lynn I got comfortable and got used to the music. She makes you comfortable on the ice to put your best on the ice even though for me it is very different music: sexy and charming.”

In her free program, working with the character of Eva Perron and the music from ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ with choreography from Julie Marcotte, it proved to be more of a challenge: “This is a ‘character program’.In my long program, some parts are very powerful and some parts are smooth. It’s almost like giving my heart and telling a story with this program.In the middle is sensitive and reaching judges and showing  what I feel inside. I am not used to it and I am kind of shy but Julie made me comfortable and now I am excited to perform it.”

She will be competing at Skate Canada and Cup of Russia for the Grand Prixs and would like to make top4 in each event and maybe even make it to the Grand Prix Final:

“I would love to do the Final although I am very aware that all the GP are very difficult. But it is still my goal…why not?” Why not indeed as she is planning a 3lo/3lo in the short and 5 triples in the free.

I was interested to know what she does to boost herself if things don’t go according to plan at a competition. “I always try to find the positive thing in my bad skate and then re-build using those positive things. When I go back to training I put the negative aside and realize that the negative doesn’t have to affect us. We can be strong.” The other source of her strength, she is quick to point out is her family. Her parents Cecile and Andre Lacoste and her sister Stephanie “they gave me everything and they always stand beside me whether it’s good or bad.”

Skating is “my passion” says Amelie. “When I am skating, I feel freedom, like I am giving my everything.” She has been dreaming about being a skater since she was a little girl. “I have always had big goals and big dreams and wanted to be the best skater I could be. I think I have achieved those goals.”

A little more from Amelie Lacoste – before hitting the ice this weekend in Mississauga.

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