Brian Orser's App to enhance training now available on iTunes

Brian Orser’s App to enhance training now available on iTunes

Some days you have to stay alert – especially as a writer always looking for an interesting story to fill a page.

Last week, I was at the home of so many skating legends, the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, to catch a few moments with Brian Orser among others. I have known Brian for a long time – no real surprise there as I have been around a very looooooooooooonnnnnnngggg time. The HUGE surprise was in our chit chat at the end of the interview when I asked Brian if there was anything new. He casually told me he had been preparing an App for the last 2 years or so and it was finally ready and released…

See what I mean? That’s where the alertness comes in….

Thinking quickly, I asked Brian if he would be willing to talk to me about his new App:

“Peak Performance Skating”


Brian said that this was an App he had been thinking about for some time. he wanted something to help skaters be in top form. Whether it’s trying to unwind and get to sleep before a big competition or getting geared  up to compete, this is the focus of this app.

Brian wanted to use the skills that he had acquired while he was a skater. In his day (and many days since) skaters worked on their head game with the likes of sports psychologist legend Dr. Peter Jensen. It was as a skater that Brian recognized the importance of training his thoughts.

If anyone has really walked the walk and can talk the talk it would have to be Brian Orser. he shared with me that when competing, he would have difficulty falling asleep. One part of this App is dedicated to that with a guided relaxation exercise. Brian  gave it to his student Spanish and European Champion Javier Fernandez to try. The following day Brian asked Javi if he had listened to it and how he liked it: “I don’t know because I listened to it but didn’t finish because I fell asleep.”


For you or the skater in your life looking to enhance  mental performance, this is the App for you.  Go to iTunes to find the App, and once you download it, you can access both the relaxation and energizing  guidance exercises. Brian shared with me that although this version is for Apple products, an Android version is not far away. is the link.

Every little bit helps on the road to becoming a champion; being able to bring out the best in an athlete when it counts is one part of the equation being prepared mentally is another.

Brian Orser: skater, champion, entrepreneur, coach and now App Wizard… I didn’t see that last one coming. How cool is that?




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