I am coming down to the home stretch in writing the first draft of my book. It is going to be published in the Fall and the Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is going to be ready at the end of this week. The thing I like best is the picture on the front (I chose it) and the letters are blue. Who doesn’t like blue?

The other cool thing of course is that I have gotten the chance to talk to some of the most important and fascinating skating people of our time. There are still a few interviews yet to be done (Do you hear that Toller? You can run – but you can’t hide forever! Actually – please don’t hide forever 🙂 Pretty please?)

Ok…back to the interviews…my idea was to try and capture in a written “snapshot” who my subjects are rather than just talk about their numerous accomplishments. Not always easy to do as skaters are used to people asking them about what they do and not who they are.

My strategy? To be vewy, vewy quwiet – like Elmer Fudd – patience is the key. Eventually, if you wait long enough and repeat the question in an encouraging way, you will get an answer.

The only hitch is, when you get the chance to speak with 1948 Olympic Champion, Barbara Ann Scott, like I had the privilege of doing yesterday, all you want to do is stop pounding on the keyboard and grab a coffee and listen. Just listen. Of course, you can’t do that because you won’t be able to remember anything that you can put into the book. Sigh.

Regardless of having to pay close enough attention to be able to record what she was saying, it was a special moment in my life. Am still smiling today. Thanks Barbara Ann!

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